Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Trails are nice.

They're there for you. Enjoy them. Give them purpose for being. That's important. They request you enjoy their scent. And sound. Feel them hard. And gently sometimes too. The trails are alive and sustain us. Ride and stop.


Jonas Nockert said...

Good times! Now, that was a fun ride! Thanks for reminding both me and Karin :)

Strangely enough, I don't think the whole duct taped flip flops for mountain biking has really caught on over here yet.

poodle said...

Jonas how are your trails doing this year? Hope you can get over here again soon and do some North Country tasting!!!

Jonas Nockert said...

It's combined ice, melting snow and mud season here so we're mostly trailrunning for the moment. Our last bike outing was back in February but at that point the trails were definitely nice enough: 1 and 2.

Oh, don't remind me about the pgh area beer possibilities! :) There are only a few microbreweries in Sweden and the beer just doesn't compare. Karin and I have been planning to go to Pittsburgh again but no tickets are booked yet.