Tuesday, March 30, 2010

God loves the BABES!

The weather forecast for this week is unbelievable!  High temperatures near 80 degrees and nothing but pure clear sunshine!  Get out there and ride! 

There's a ride scheduled tonight, tomorrow and Friday.  And I wouldn't be surprised if there's one on Thursday too!  Make hay while the sun shines people. 

Friday's night ride followed by a Hollywood Hootenanny for anyone interested in some cowbell and kazoo after a fun evening on the trails. 

We have Beacom Road back, our trails are in fine shape and we got a full season of riding ahead of us.  Time for some optomism for a change. 

See you on trails soon, pardner!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Trail-Ride Season Has Begun!!!

What a georgous week!  The trails at Brady's are beautiful and word is that Hef and friends went out and did some tree clearing yesterday.  Go out and ride.  It's been a long winter and we all could use some woods time. 

Looks like "Slinger" (Brad Sheasley) has got the Wednesday night ride groove back in business, 6:15pm Wednesday night.  Usual spot.  Get it!

Oh and one more update.  It appears the A-Frame house has been abandoned.  I saw two very large U-Haul trucks there on Thursday night, and by time of the ride on Saturday, it looks like everything was cleared.  I have no information as to why, but the property is lacking a "for sale" sign at this time, so perhaps it was a forclosure situation.  Just speculating.  If I get any information, I'll post it.  BABE Clubhouse anyone?

Yeppers, things are looking up.  Makes me smile to beat the band.  Parts of it anyway.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


After some technical difficulties with Blogspot, I'm finally able to post again.  And while my time is much more restricted than it used to be, I do know I want to ride more in 2010.  And ride I will.

We've already been fortunate to get in a few townie rides this spring and I hope that can keep up.  Especially once the time change occurs this weekend. 

As of now, here are the dates for the rides we have scheduled so far in 2010:

Syrup Ride - Sunday, April 11 @10am - ride starts at Beacom Road trail head to avoid the traffic mess in the park.

Dirt Rag Dirt Fest - '10 - Friday, May21-23 - more information forthcoming on this event

BABE Club's 4th Annual Lebowski Fist - Bowling, Ride and What-have-you - Saturday, June 19 - details forthcoming.

Ride on,