Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Are you an Achiever?

A web site has been established to promote the Lebowski Fist Event.

It contains a map of the bicycle ride route and the flyer that's being posted up around the city.

I hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Post Comes Around

My friend Mike Camp called me today and invited me to his house this evening for a few beers. Of course I accepted and rode Mr. Plow over the few short miles to his home. We sat in his garage, surrounded by bikes and beers, listening to music. The best part was he picked up two cd's the other day using the techniques I outlined in my Scout Niblett post from May 25th. Both were "buck" cd's costing only a dollar. And gems they turned out to be. I'm listening to one now. A band called the National Lights. CD title is "The Dead Will Walk, Dear". Of course you can see why he picked it up. Turns out there's a great picture of the band inside. Sitting on a fallen tree over a creek. All that's mising is the bikes. The instruments are another clue to the quality. It's a good cd. And for a buck. We listened to others. It was a joy to listen to a cd that wouldn't have been picked up had I not discovered Scout.

This is the way life goes. Will the circle be unbroken.

Memories and Dreams

I read a quote a few days ago. "When your memories exceed your dreams, the end is near". A childhood friend of mine died a few weeks ago and I found this quote very relevant to his life. Jeff possessed an incredible talent for remembering quotes, emotions and details from our childhoods. I found this both amazing and disturbing. I was amazed he could remember so many things and yet, so disturbed that he had very few dreams and aspirations with which to balance the memories. He was, unfortunately, always like this. He was an incredibly smart, understanding and compassionate man. And yet, he achieved very little success in either his personal or professional life. I think much of the reason for this relates back to the quote I mentioned earlier. Jeff was obsessed by memories and not by dreams. I think it's better to be the opposite. I'll miss Jeff. I hadn't seen him much recently, but I thought about him often. He was a good soul. He made me laugh. Now, if I could just erase the memory of the $50 he owed me, I could dream well of him again. He'd laugh at that. I hope he just did. Goodnight sweet prince.