Sunday, January 25, 2009


I was poking around my old hard drive this evening and found the original notes I made when thinking about creating a bike club back in 2004. For those of you there, you may recall this print out I brought out that night we rode. I like the Big Lebowski reference from even the very first days. I forgot it was actually part of the original idea. Good times. Good times.

Here's what it looked like (click on image for larger version):

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Chasing those microbes and whatnot

Mr. Plow finally returned home tonight from his long exile in the repair shop. He looks kind of funny now with his new parts bolted on. I look forward to making these new parts look as worn as the old ones. We'll be back and ready for action any day now. I'm sure you'll be seeing the photo's on the smugmug.

So anyway, I'm just glad we're a nuclear family again.

Now, if they'd just catch those damn fools that damaged us...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I think 2009 is poised to be the best year yet for the BABES. I think my recent acquisition of a tavern will help give our group a central meeting place and provide us a comfortable forum in which to hatch our plan for world domination.

I feel pretty confident about this.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

SSWC09 Update - Date Changed

The boys in charge of the SSWC09 have moved the date from August to September (glad I didn't get my plane tickets early). The new official date is September 16-20. I have absolutely no idea why this event will take 5 days, but that's what they've posted. The SSWC05 was 2 days. Interesting. Here's their rather unclear explanation for the date change...

"Sorry friends. We had several mishaps in the scheduling game and we had to make a bigtime switcheroonie. August 6-9th is no more. September 16th through the 20th will be the new and last date to remember. The riding is way better at that time of year anyway, so be stoked. Sorry to all you school teachers and school kids, you may have to call in sick or get a sub. Remember that Sunday January 4th, right here, we will post the mail-in registration form and the address. The reg form also doubles as a coloring contest, so do your best and get creative with it, as those who do will be rewarded. For all you overseaers, do not worry about the mailage time, your distance will be compensated in the collection process. The specifics of this process will be better defined in the days to come. Hope you love the new date. "

Here's the link to the registration form, and I've included the text of the instructions below...

Durango Colorado September 19th Cross Country Registration Information

This is Mail in Registration Only

Print off and fill out entry form completely. Let it be known, this is a coloring contest. Do
your best my friends, your SSWC09 experience depends on it. All mediums will be

Send to;
SSWC09 Registration
3169 W. 3rd Ave.
Durango, Colorado 81301

$35 US Dollars to race

Check or money order payable to, SSWC09

write contact info on check

Here are all the things you might want to know;
Envelope must be postmarked before January 23rd (tribute to Michael Air Jordan) to
make the start list. If the entry is postmarked after the 23rd and the race is not full, then
you’re fine.

We have spots for 500 racers, +all women who make the postmarked date

All those who send in their SSWC09 spoke card, that were handed out randomly in Napa
(about 143), are guaranteed a spot on the start list as long as their entry is postmarked
before January 23rd. Send in spoke card with registration form and get it back later.

The race start list will be based on;
1. Postmarked date on envelope
2. Receiving of race entry fee, ($35)

If your check bounces or the check is not sent with the registration form, we will not add
you to the official start list until it is received.

If you do not make the start list due to a late postmark or race is full, we will contact you
by email or phone and shred your check.

All women are guaranteed a spot if postmarked within the allotted time

Men will not be affected by this as we have room for 500men and how many women we
can get.

Updated start lists will be posted at as we work the mail ins

Past SSWC winners have a spot on the start list if they wish to enter.
By submitting a film for the 1X1 Film Festival, you will be guaranteed a spot on the start
list, singlespeed films only please.

SSWC09 Seriousness pay attention

It seems everything they have to offer as information can be found here. If you're patient and not easily annoyed, watch the video. Otherwise, save the 2 minutes of your life and skip it, because it doesn't offer any further useful information beyond what's in the text.

I would have liked they saved the time to make the video and simply provided some useful information instead. Like an itinerary and perhaps exactly what day the race is going to be held. That's just me. Should be fun.

Ride on,

Sunday, January 4, 2009

That time of year...

It's January and that can only mean one thing; looking forward to February and the BABES annual pilgramage to Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park in beautiful Cleveland Ohio. Now with 103,000 square feet of fun!

Let's leave at 9:30am first Saturday in February (2/7).

Okay then.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

What kind of barn animal... out riding a bicycle at 3am?!?

Or out riding a bicycle in 20 degree weather on New Year's Day?

That's right, count 'em, 14 intrepid BABES continued the tradition of riding on yet another a stunningly beautiful New Year's Day (is there any other kind?). We rode the trails we love.

Check out the photos to see who all came, what bikes were ridden, which bikes were not ridden, who was laughing, who was crying, who had elves feet and why Love was in the air.

Ride on,