Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I always like Blatz. I drank a lot of it as a young man ($6.50 for a 12 pack of bottles the Windsor Lounge, as I recall). Many years later, as I discovered "craft" beers and began drinking good hoppy pilsners, I would flush back vivid memories of Blatz and those little schtumpy bottles. I didn't know enough then to realize at the time, but it was a hoppy little beer in the Pilsner style and was most certainly good. And I oughta know...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why I rode, why I ride, why I will be riding

The best people I have every known ride bicycles.

God's out there.


It's earned. (you know what I mean)

Don't want to be fat (that's only good with food and women).


The sun, the wind, the stars, the mud, the leaves, the rocks, the roots, the rain, the snow, the goiter.

Trying to recreate that one time we had those beers.

I like wearing spandex.

It could seriously injure me.

No "par".

What else could I do with that money?

The frequency and acceptability of peeing outside.

Make the hurt go away.

Provides a reasonable excuse to dress up in lederhosen for a day (one can never "dress down" in lederhosen).

That smell.

Satisfying my search for a freedom delivery device.

My knees?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Syrup Ride Tomorrow - Sunday, April 5, 2009

32nd Annual Beaver County Maple Syrup Festival is today and tomorrow.

We've decided to (surprise!) have a bicycle ride through the park tomorrow. On the ride we'll stop and pick up some buckwheat and/or wheat flour and after the ride, head over to Hollywood Gardens where BABE chef Brad Sheasley will cook us up some pancake for some after ride nourishment.

What's to say 'No." to?

Ride will start at 9am from the A-Frame at the end of Beacom Drive, which looks like it now is called Medich Drive. Now that's strange...

Hope to see you there!