Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why I rode, why I ride, why I will be riding

The best people I have every known ride bicycles.

God's out there.


It's earned. (you know what I mean)

Don't want to be fat (that's only good with food and women).


The sun, the wind, the stars, the mud, the leaves, the rocks, the roots, the rain, the snow, the goiter.

Trying to recreate that one time we had those beers.

I like wearing spandex.

It could seriously injure me.

No "par".

What else could I do with that money?

The frequency and acceptability of peeing outside.

Make the hurt go away.

Provides a reasonable excuse to dress up in lederhosen for a day (one can never "dress down" in lederhosen).

That smell.

Satisfying my search for a freedom delivery device.

My knees?

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