Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wednesday Night Night Ride - this week -PLUS a Hartwood Acres Ride Event

Wednesday Night Night Ride - this Wednesday, meet at 9pm at A-Frame parking area, when the sun goes down, we go out. Bring fully charged lights and a backpack big enough to carry a few cans of brews, because that's how this ride will roll.
And Sunday... 

BABE Bikes, Brews, Beef & Blues

Meet at Hollywood Gardens, 9am, we'll depart for Hartwood, get a good spot in which to ride, cook, eat, drink and dance the day away. Bring plenty of food, water, clothing and what-have-you for a full day of fun BABE style activities. You know what those are.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

It didn't end...

Did it?  The good times.  Well, it didn't for us, although, inevitably, someday others will step in.  Not just for us; everything.  Days come and go, rides, laughter, people, place, space, time. It will always continue.  With or without us.  The smiles.  Sunshine. Leaves. Dirt.  Long after we're gone.  I find comfort in this. It's all around us.  Quiet.  Listen.

Familiar.  Timeless.  It never ends.