Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Monkey and Cork

My last post here was three-two-ought-seven. After which followed a relaxing and liberating time off the computer, subsequently bringing down upon me, some thoughts and ponderings...

Garlic is one of God’s greatest gifts.

If someone bothers you, you will either try to change your perceptions and attitude; or you’ll try to change the other person’s. The latter is easy to attempt, the former tough to achieve.

I think almost all man-mad metallurgic objects are worth keeping.

The proportion of a man’s professed love to inanimate objects is directly opposite of the loved he receives from animate ones.

I wonder if it’s better to have 365 people love you only one day each for a year, or to have only one person love you each and every day of the year.

If you haven’t yet discovered the true healing powers of good tequila, well than you just haven’t drank enough of it.

I'd like to spend a little time with Greg Miller and a lot of time with Leo P. Love.

Most people don’t want to be controlled, so why do people controlling institutions aspire to control most people? I’m just wondering.

You’re too close to yourself to have any proper perspective of the view.

I think obsessing over your good health is bad for your health.

I believe music is one of the most important factors in the success of man on Earth.

I'd rather walk 12 hours a day than sit for six.

I believe human beings are a positive force in the universe. At least as long as human beings believe it.

People don’t ride bicycles enough.

Of the bicycles people do ride, not nearly enough are singlespeeds, cruisers and fixed gears.

Never underestimate the freedom of peeing off your deck, unseen, anytime after sundown.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Babes in Bocktown

I've work near Robinson Township a little over 4 years now. As I'm sure you're aware, it's essentially a big box, chain store hell. One nice thing about the Beaver area is that we've avoided this sprawl for the most part. Sure we have the Monaca Mall area, Chippewa and of course, Cranberry is not too far away, but you can still hang out and take a bike ride around our little river towns and find plenty of local businesses to patronize. Robinson Township? Not so much. Which is why Chris Dilla's little (for now) slice of heaven, called Bocktown Beer and Grill ("Beer"... it's in the name!) http://www.bocktown.com/ in Robinson is such an incredible inspiration to me.

Simply attempting to swim against the tidal waves of chain restaurants and big box stores is a noble undertaking, but when the vision and execution results in something as flawless as the Bocktown, it's hard not feel awe.

There are over 400 bottles of beer in the cooler, 16 fresh domestic beers on tap, a unique menu and some live music thrown in. But that's not what makes the Bocktown heavenly, because anyone can do that. What sets the Bocktown apart from all the others is the people. It starts with Chris and Chef Scotty and their vision. Read the story here... http://www.bocktown.com/story.shtml
Anyone that knows me know's I've seen the inside of a few bars in my years, and I have to say, the Bocktown, in just a few short months of being open, is one of my favorite bars ever. They've truly combined the best of what a locally-owned neighborhood bar should be. And in a strip mall, in Robinson Township. I think that makes it all the more special.

I had started to type a lengthy rundown of an evening I had recently at the Bocktown, but I thought, perhaps the story is best told in pictures. I hope from these few images below, you can see, Bocktown has it all.

A huge beer selection...
Excellent live music... Special guest singers...
Exceptional bartenders...Fabulous Martini's...

Fun loving clientele...

And Chris, the person who made my dreams come true...

P.S. Even our bikes have special place to feel right at home... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Great beer, great food, great music and great people. Heaven indeed.

See you there!

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