Sunday, March 23, 2008

Living Dangerously

I chose to throw trail caution to the wind today and took my monkey out onto the south trail at Brady's Run. I'm here to say the trail conditions were quite nice, all things considered. The Knob Hill trail out of the A-Frame parking was a bit, uh, pitted, shall we say, from the horses. But after that, the South Trail was smooth sailing and quite dry.

If the Lord finds it fun to bless some BABES with dry weather this week, I think there's no reason not to have a Friday night ride.

I hope I see you there. 6pm.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night...

The first meeting of the club's fifth year was held at the BABE’s official not-so-secret underground lair located deep in the high hills of Beaver.

As expected, a few diabolical plots were hatched. Among them was the scheduling of the following 2008 club sponsored weekly mountain bike rides (start dates will be forthcoming after the rain deluge season ends).

Friday’s – 6:00pm meet time, ride leaves promptly at 6:30pm. Meet at A-Frame – Ride Steward is Hef
Sunday’s – 9:00am meet time, ride leaves promptly at 9:30am. Meet at Ice Arena unless an email announces a change in venue – Ride Steward will be either Jesus or Rommel.

In addition, we’re planning another "Lebowski Fist" fund/hell raising bowling event.

Also, an event of more immediate concern… we’ve planned our annual BABES-at-Ray's trip for Saturday, April 12, 2008. Details will be coming shortly, but the basic idea is we leave Saturday morning, ride all day, have some dinner and refreshments (ie. beer). Perhaps take in a musical show. We’re planning on a room(s) at the Holiday Inn.

So back to the meeting, following intense and predictably high-brow discussions by the honorable BABE braintrust, we set the following “high” level goals for the club in 2008:

1. Ride bikes.
2. Drink beers.
3. Bench cut.

Surprisingly, one of these goals was met with rather forceful objections. However, after persistent, and sometimes brutal, deliberations, it was an obsticle that in the end, proved surmountable. Fortunately, one goal in particular was greeted with overwhelming acceptance. It was decided by the majority in attendence to hastely begin our pursuance of this lofty and worthwhile goal. We are indeed a selfless group. A few hints to our heroics can be found here...
Ride on in Ought-Eight,