Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Trail-Ride Season Has Begun!!!

What a georgous week!  The trails at Brady's are beautiful and word is that Hef and friends went out and did some tree clearing yesterday.  Go out and ride.  It's been a long winter and we all could use some woods time. 

Looks like "Slinger" (Brad Sheasley) has got the Wednesday night ride groove back in business, 6:15pm Wednesday night.  Usual spot.  Get it!

Oh and one more update.  It appears the A-Frame house has been abandoned.  I saw two very large U-Haul trucks there on Thursday night, and by time of the ride on Saturday, it looks like everything was cleared.  I have no information as to why, but the property is lacking a "for sale" sign at this time, so perhaps it was a forclosure situation.  Just speculating.  If I get any information, I'll post it.  BABE Clubhouse anyone?

Yeppers, things are looking up.  Makes me smile to beat the band.  Parts of it anyway.

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