Monday, March 30, 2009

Hear our plea... Friday Night Ride

Found myself walking through the woods in total darkness tonight (except for the wonderful smiling sliver of a moon), wondering why we do what we do. Just a few hundred years ago, one would assume a great risk to life and limb by strolling alone through the woods in darkness. Back then, a myriad of potential risks existed which no longer concern most of us. One risk overcome is the uncertainty of upcoming weather. Another is from predator attack. And perhaps the biggest risk of all, blindness in the dark.

While I certainly do not lament minimizing these risks in "modern" times, I do sometimes like to see how far I can go until I get a glimmer of their centuries past intensity. So how about it? Anyone up for a Friday night ride this week where we ride as far as we can go without turning on our lights. At which point, we turn around, begrudgenly succumb to good sense, and ride back the way we came.

Oh, and no cellphones either. Just us, our bikes and our lights.

Watch this entire video. Skip church on Easter Sunday. (You won't need it)


poodle said...

Ok lets up the ante waterbottles only no helmets and work gloves jeans and a bagel or pbj no fancy power foodget back to the retro ride i like i want i need it no lycra either

Field Marshal Rommel said...

I can do that. I expect to see you there, curly one.

The Friday Retro ride. Let's get it on.

Nathan said...

I say we do it sans clothes (naked) as long as the weather permits. I for one don't want mud in certain sensitive places.