Sunday, March 8, 2009

"Getting it done. Having a blast" - Flea, 3/6/2009

Yep, we got it done yet again. The weather was perfect (of course) and our miles contains smiles. And some darn good beer to boot. The show was a dissappointment for me as it was a sell out and the Thunderbird wouldn't spring for the air conditioner, which made the show stiffeling hot. I left before Wayne was even done. No dancing and flailing about this night. Oh well, that's why we have the Whiskey Daredevils. Rock and Ride on people. Spring has sprung.

Check out the pics here.

Get it done. Have a blast.


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poodle said...

Show was a kind of a bummer but it was great to see all the babes out there we always have a blast good times kids