Sunday, December 28, 2008

This aggression will not stand, man.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I'm healing up nicely, other than my right eye being swollen shut. I'm sure it's just a step in the healing process. So far I've resisted any pain medications but it's been quite tempting to swallow a few.

Of course I've been reflecting on the "accident" quite a bit over the past few days and I'm bothered by a nagging feeling that the perpetrator knew who I was. As probably most of you know, I've recently raised my profile in the community by taking over my father's tavern. I suppose in that business you can make a few people unhappy (disgruntled current and ex-employees, drunks cut off, etc.) and who may, in an altered state of mind, do something irrational. The problem for me is there really aren't too many other people out riding bicycles alone, so I stand out a bit at any time, but especially at night.

Assuming all people have good intentions, then it's always best to have multiple blinky lights and reflective tape for high visibility. But when you know that some people have bad intentions, then it may be best to not draw attention to oneself. Interesting dilemma.

One things for certain, I'll ride differently from now on. But for sure, I will ride on. Otherwise, the terrorists win.

Ride on,

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