Saturday, December 27, 2008



Yes, folks, there are pure evil people in this world and unfortunately, they sometimes lurk behind us, just out of view. On my ride back to the 'hoe last night Mr. Plow and I were intentionally hit from behind by a car full of scum. I heard them speed up and hoot and holler, just seconds before they slammed into my bicycle from behind, sending me and Mr. Plow down hard on the pavement. This at the intersection of 4th and Wayne in Beaver. They then sped off, turned around and came back to apparently see the damage. I was a little foggy and didn't get a good look at their vehicle (other than it was a dark colored SUV) as they came past and proceeded to hit a parked Porche on 4th Street. This was enough, however, for them to stop and apparently inspect their vehicle (again, no care whatsoever for the person they ran down) and then they sped off.

Crazy world out there. Someone ought to sell tickets.

I'd buy one.

We'll be back...


Jonas Nockert said...

Oh man, that looks serious! I hope you're doing okay and that you'll be back on your bike soon.

All best and happy Yule from Karin and me!

poodle said...

Wow We need to find those bastards and deal out some BABE JUSTICE like make listen to REO Speedwagon while they rot in their cell! Glad you are alright

BABE said...

Thanks guys. I'll be back on the bike soon. Hopefully for the New Year's day ride.

Scott, gee, don't you think the REO Speedwagon punishment is a little harsh? I mean, they didn't kill me. Maybe just Journey.