Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hate the Whiskey Daredevils?

Okay, it's been two years since the Whiskey Daredevils have come to Pittsburgh. I think it's time to conclude they ain't coming. Youngstown is good enough. So is Charleston. Buffalo? Sure, why not. Erie, you say? Adopted brothers. But Pittsburgh is off limits. I can only imagine why. Was it Joel at the 31st Street? Was it our blessed Turnpike system? How about physical threats? Hmmmm... perhaps. Maybe it's our lack of casinos, six-pack shops and dog race tracks. I've asked more than once. I'm not worthy of the knowledge. So be it.

Now onto someone truly worthy... Slim Cessna is again coming to Pittsburgh. This time at Club Cafe (this is worthy of it's own post...) on June 3rd. This will sell out. If you'd like tickets, let me know. I'm in town everyday and would like spread the gospel. It's a Tuesday night. No matter, a good deep spiritual soul cleansing should not be mortally constrained. Every second is a gift from God. Use it wisely.

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Ken Miller said...

Admittedly, a lack of casinos has not been working in your favor, but turn that frown upside down, Babe! With the opening of Presque Isle Downs, blackjack has at last arrived in the Keystone State!

The more pedestrian reason for not coming to Pittsburgh for so long has just bad luck in getting an open date with Joel that matches up.

It hasn't been by design, I swear. We like Yuengling and iron City, Joel is a great guy, and a short drive like Pittsburgh is a huge plus in the age of $3.75 gas for the fuel-sucking band van.