Thursday, July 30, 2009

We rode our bicycles and it was good

After many, no, too many, months out of the saddle, it’s been good, no, great, to finally be getting some rides back in my life. From the “Fun Ride” a month ago, to the past two Friday Night Rides, to the urban explorer ride before the Slim show this past week, it’s been a good kind of hurt.

As many of you know from riding Brady’s Run, our friendly vegetation has gotten a little aggressive this year without our tender loving care. I will be scheduling some ride/work days in September so we can put those lovelies back in line, and also, to finally finish the connection for the Bastard Hill bypass “lollipop” trail that we cut in on the PTAG Gala day last year.

Best part of all of this is riding and loving the outdoors again. Second best part; having the BABE “clubhouse” in which to refresh ourselves when the work and play are done.

Ride on,

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