Friday, July 17, 2009

Redemption Time / Back in the Saddle / Out of the clink

After a long year simmering in sin, it's time to cleanse our transgressions and bathe in the glory of Slim Cessna, Munly, Rumly, Ordy and the Reverend Dwight Pentacost. Slim and the Auto Club are coming back to the only venue that is appropriate in our fair city, the 31st Street Pub.

The show is Saturday, July 25th. We will, of course, ride our bicycles around town and end at the venue.

If you are interested (and you should be), drop me a line. We wear braces on our arms We wear braces on our legs We wear braces on our teeth We are making ourselves straight.

Ride on,

A Jim Traficant getting-out-of-jail bash!
By Bob Cusack Posted: 04/28/09 12:01 AM [ET]

Buy a ticket — there’s still time to “beam yourself up” to legendary former Rep. James Traficant’s (D-Ohio) jailbreak bash. Faithful followers of the flamboyant ex-congressman convict are throwing a party to celebrate the invective-spewing “Old Sheriff” Jimbo “Beam Me Up” Traficant’s first day of freedom on Sept. 2. Facebook members need only search for “James Traficant Is Released From Prison” to check out the open invitation. Twenty-nine-year-old party organizer Republican Jeff Stewart told ITK that the final details for the fete are in the works. Stewart has yet to invite the guest of honor but plans to do so soon.

Aside from sending a card to Traficant for his first Christmas in prison, Stewart has no connection to the ex-lawmaker, who will turn 68 next month. It’s been eight years since the defiant Traficant was sent to the slammer. Members who voted to expel him from the House are unlikely to be welcome. Before heading to jail, Traficant said, “When I get out I will grab a sword like Maximus Meridius Demidius and as a gladiator I will stab people in the crotch.”


Mark said...

While you're out there shouting Youngstown. Every weekend at the four seasons fleamarket there is a nut job. selling his book about Jim Traficant and having a Parade for Jimbo. When he returns, what an embarrassment for the this city we will have a parade for a convicted FELON

Watch this U-Tube titled"YOUNGHSTOWN STRIPPERS"

Field Marshal Rommel said...

Youngstown is a very sad town. Left behind in the dust bin of history by government and it's own people, who left to pursue their "riches" on other peoples dreams and visions. Youngstown could be great again. It takes a village.

On other note, I think almost everyone alive can be a convicted felon at some point in their life. Just matters if the proper authorities know of their transgressions and have the interest, time and energy to build the case and pursue the punishment. I could ramble on quite a bit about old Jimbo, but he really wasn't that bad, as far as the facts I know present them. Much more embarrasing for those sick souls in Massachusets who keep forcing the rest of the nation to witness the destructive blatherings of old Teddy.

Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for a comment on Jim Traficant.

Anonymous said...

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