Sunday, October 26, 2008

Collage is the greatest of all the arts.

Some BABES went for a bike ride last Sunday evening. It was a nice mellow ride around the towns. A bit diverse of our usual town/city rides. Of course, not unusual was the ride interupted by taking in some music. An artist I've enjoyed for many a year came to our little old Beaver and shared his amazing songwriting with us. His name is Matthew Ryan. He brought with him a joy of a person named Molly Thomas who accompanied on keyboard, violin and I'm pretty sure I saw a mandolin in her hands. A few photos here.

Perhaps my top two favorite love songs of all time were written by the same man. Dan Bern. Estelle and Gamblin' With My Love (Pete Rose).

You know, it's easy to get down. To get discouraged. To want to crawl into a shell and hide from the world. But then, something happens. Something always happens. Thank God.

So take a few minutes (okay, almost 10) to enjoy a beautiful love song...

I like the diversity of our riding experiences. The diversity of the BABES as people. The balance. The texture of our differences side by side with our similarities. Music and bicycles can be an adhesive for so many unique souls. Let's stick together (sorry for the bad pun).

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