Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rides are on!!!

The Wednesday and Friday night rides are in full swing in this lovely spring! So get out and enjoy the evenings after that long and brutal winter. 6:15pm meet times and 6:30pm ride starts!

Sunday rides are taking shape as well and there’s talk of getting out of Beaver County for a ride real soon. Perhaps even this coming Sunday, April 18th. I’m wondering about Bavington. I think I only rode there once last year. Or perhaps even Moraine. I hadn’t ridden there at all last year. Gotta make up for lost time.

Also a PGH City ride scheduled for Friday, April 30th for the BABE favorites Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival and Whiskey Daredevil show at the Thunderbird. The show doesn’t start until 10pm and the ride starts at 6pm, so if your soul is in need of no cleansing bubbles
 and therefore you want to skip the show, you still can come out for the ride about town.

Lebowski Fist in about 2 months as well. Wow, these years just fly by, don’t they?

Check the BABE Facebook page for up to date details on these and other activities/events.

Ride on,

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