Thursday, September 24, 2009


This is encouraging news.

My expectations of competency from our governments is at an all-time low, but still, I am flummoxed by PennDOT's decision to spend $300,000 on a bicycle lane that was used for just a little over a year. 

Yes, last year, PennDOT spent $300,000+ to put a bicycle lane on Brighton Road that crosses Route 60 in Brighton Township.  Well, just a few weeks ago they tore they entire thing up when they repaved Brighton Road.  I live about a 1/3 of a mile from this bike lane and travel this road a lot.  I estimate it was used by less then 100 cyclists in that year.  What an incredible waste of time and money.  You can imagine where I can go with my government analogies at this point, but I'll stick with cycling related topics.  For now.

Thanks for everyone who came to the BABE trail maintenance (and even to those who tried to come... sorry Rich) on Sunday.  We accomplished a lot in a little time and of course, rode our bikes afterwards...

It was a beautiful day.

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